Shaving Cream & Chips Toss

This summer I am working at a camp out in the suburbs. It has been so much fun to be a part of the camp experience with kids and to just let loose and have fun. Throughout the summer, I am going to share different activities we have done. One activity that we did this... Continue Reading →


Book Review – Miracles from Heaven

The reason that I love summer time is the fact that I have time to read all of those books that I have been wanting to read. I can do leisure activities instead of mandatory activities. This is honestly one of the reasons that I chose teaching as a profession. I need that time off... Continue Reading →

What time is it?

Yesterday was my last day of work and I finished my school commitments a few weeks ago, which means it is officially...... SUMMERTIME! I love summertime! It allows me to take a much needed break and do those things that I don't get to do during the year! So what am I going to be... Continue Reading →

Student-Faculty Luncheon

  You know that you are in a great program when they feed you great food and look out for you on a daily basis! And that is what happened yesterday.... and all year for that matter! I had the privilege of attending the student-faculty luncheon yesterday to celebrate the end of the year and... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

Today is Mother's day..... a day where we celebrate moms near and far. I have come to realize over the years just how amazing my mom is. How much she sacrifices for me, how much she goes out of her way for me, and how much she loves me. In honor of mother's day, I... Continue Reading →

C and B – 4/9/16

If I wasn't teaching, I would probably be doing photography! I love photography and capturing photos. I believe that photos allow people to relive memories and capture the little moments that matter most in life. I am more of a lifestyle photographer as I like to take pictures as things happen. My ideal photoshoot would... Continue Reading →

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