Part 7 – The Approval

This is a series that documents my journey to getting a cochlear implant. These posts are honest and vulnerable. Please refrain from posting negative comments. These are my experiences and each CI journey is different for everyone involved. 

Written August 5th

July 25th

It was a Monday and the only thing on my agenda was to sit on a jet for four hours to come back to St. Louis after a refreshing weekend in San Diego. I got to see my mommy and my sissy. I got to hug dogs for hours and swim with cousins. I felt loved and they accepted me even if I couldn’t hear them. My mom knew I was reading lips all weekend, and knew that something needed to change. However, going helped me see that I have a lot to be grateful for. Sure, I don’t have that family support in St. Louis that I needed, but being with my family reassured me that I had it from afar.  I felt renewed and energized to finish my last few weeks of work and get ready for school. Sure, I was discouraged that insurance still had not approved, but sticking my toes in the ocean gave me a new burst of hope and energy.

I landed at 2pm at STL and I turned my phone on. Within a minute of turning it on, I had multiple text messages from my mom and from the CI clinic.


My mom opened up a letter from the company when she got home and couldn’t believe it. She told me that she read it over and over again because she couldn’t believe it. We had just sent in the appeal 5 days before and normally it takes 2 weeks to get a response. My mother also took the liberty of calling the CI clinic and my surgeons office to get things moving.

The relief that I felt in my heart at that moment was overwhelming. It was that feeling that I knew that everything was going to be okay; that I had a chance for my quality of life to improve again.

Walking off the plane, I felt such peace that everything was going to be okay. Getting insurance approval was huge. It took 2 months to the day for them to approve it. As my mom says, persistence pays off.

Within 48 hours of the insurance approving, all of the pre-ops, surgery date, post-op, activation and therapy appointments were scheduled. We basically just ran with it because we were on such a time crunch with school. Surgery was scheduled for August 16th at 8am. Activation would be September 8th and September 9th. Weekly appointments starting September 15th until November 3rd. It was crazy how fast everything was set up.

I happened to have a meeting set up with my advisor 24 hours after all of these were set up, which was a blessing. It felt good to give her firm dates and what the plan was medically in terms of fall. Up until this point, everything was so up in the air that it was reassuring for my Type A heart to have a plan and to know what to expect. We were able to come up with a plan for me to continue my studies in the fall.

Finally, everything was falling into place!

To be continued……..


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