Drum Roll Please……

The theme word for 2017 is STRENGTH

After a rough 2016, I thought that this would be an appropriate word for this year. Last year, the theme word was SMILE. It was very appropriate because even on those tough days, I needed to find something to smile about. It was hard some days, but I managed to do it. I just wished I would I have written them down.

Here is a little back story on why I am choosing STRENGTH for 2017.

In December, I felt very weak. My confidence wasn’t there and I was doubting whether I could really do this Grad School thing. I was discouraged and confused. I wasn’t confident in my teaching. I wasn’t confident in myself as a person. I didn’t have the STRENGTH I needed.  There were multiple times over this break that I wrestled with going back to school in the spring. There were a couple of meltdowns in front of my mom. Somehow, she kept encouraging me. She said that she would always be supportive in my choices, but she also said that I am so close to being done. She said over and over again that I am one of the most positive and STRONGEST people she knows. She knew that I could find the STRENGTH to persevere and finish.

There is this saying that mothers always knows best. And it is true.

After spending some time in thoughts and prayer, it spoke to me that STRENGTH needed to be the word for 2017.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:13

Yes, I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to if I trust in the LORD and in myself. He will give me the STRENGTH to complete whatever my heart desires. He will give me the STRENGTH to thrive in Grad School this semester and graduate. He will give me the STRENGTH to achieve the goals I have set for the year.


The hashtag for the year will be #seventeenstrengh.

Happy Monday!



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