Elephant Rocks State Parks

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to Elephant Rocks state park to go for a little hike. It is about 70 miles south of St. Louis and has some beautiful views!

I wouldn’t really classify this as a true hike. The loop was pretty short and it was pretty easy. The thing that was cool about the trail is that it is called the Braille trail, so all of the signs are in Braille.

The other thing that I loved most is the views (check out pics above). I am such an outdoorsy person. I love being outside as it is my happy place. Being in Missouri has allowed me to see new scenery and to see a new perspective. Looking out at the greens of Missouri did just that for my heart.

The rocks were made from granite many years ago and just happened to be formed in a structure like an elephant. That is how it got his name.

While I was there, I got to climb on some big rocks and feel like superman. I am one who doesn’t take risks very often, but it was definitely fun to live on the edge a little and climb to the top.

That is all for now!

More reviews coming this summer.



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