What time is it?

Yesterday was my last day of work and I finished my school commitments a few weeks ago, which means it is officially……


I love summertime! It allows me to take a much needed break and do those things that I don’t get to do during the year!

So what am I going to be doing this summer?

I’m going to be living it up in St. Louis and adventuring where life takes me. I’m lazy, so I didn’t really want to drive home to Oregon and then have to drive all the way back a few months later. I’m sorry, it’s just not happening.

My day job will be working at a kids camp out in the suburbs. My night job will be to sleep and my weekend job will be to explore. It will be a nice little cycle!

I am actually kind of excited to stay here and explore a new part of the country. I don’t always have the time to explore during the school year. It will be nice to have more time to do what I want and to really get to know this place I have called home for the past 10 months.

Here is my GIANT list for the summer! If you have any suggestions, let me know!

  1. Go to a Baseball Cardinals Game
  2. Go to the City Museum
  3. Try out 5 new St. Louis classic restaurants in different areas of town
  4. Paddleboat in Forest Park
  5. Play one tennis tournament
  6. Go to the Laumeier Sculpture Park
  7. Go to a concert in the park
  8. Go to the Dog Museum
  9. Go to the Science Museum
  10. Try out 5 new hikes
  11. Read 3 books
  12. Do 3 puzzles
  13. Twilight Tuesday
  14. Movie Night at BPV
  15. Food Truck Friday
  16. Escape the Room
  17. Elephant Rocks
  18. Six Flags

What are you doing this summer?

Happy Thursday!



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